Welcome to Camp Metamorphosis Ontario.

We are currently in the early stages of our planning for Camp Met 2017 and will have information posted soon.

Please visit our 2016 MEDIA section to view last years photos and videos of the week,

Thank you.



Make New Friends

Camp Met has always been a great way to meet new people from all over. We have had campers as far as the USA join us, along with staff who come from all over canada to make camp the best experience possible.

The Great Outdoors

Camp Met resides at Ignite Camp and Retreat Centre or as we still refer to as Kakeka. We have a very long tradition going as far back as 1999 and have moved to all 3 sites. Ignite is a beautiful camp ground with cabins, rec halls, trails, lakefront, and much more!

Learn About Faith

At Camp Met we begin each morning with an Orthros service, and conclude each evening with a Vespers service and celebrate the Divine Liturgy outdoors on Thursday. Also, the campers have an opportunity to participate in Holy Confession during the week. (Each year there is a high participation in the sacrament of Holy Confession)


At Camp Met we have a way of mixing children of all ages allowing them to engage and get to know all their peers while attending camp by separating them into 4 districts.(aka houses, elements,factions) Once in these groups they then will compete throughout the entire week and all together in our annual Olympics until we have one district with the most points at which a trophy is awarded!

Evening Activities & Camp Fires

Camp Met is fast paced and we always have something going on. After a full day of program the night is when camp truly begins. Every evening has a fun filled activity engaging all campers from Scavenger Hunts, to Contest Night, Song & Skit Night, and much more! Also the week isn't complete until we enjoy a few camp fires an do fire side activities whether were doing icebreakers and signing, or breaking out a kalamatiano under the night sky and dancing away!

Team Sports and Activities

At Camp Met physical activity is a staple and one is rarely sitting still. From the crack of dawn we start getting active with callisthenics to morning activities. After lunch an a short siesta we back out doing group sports an then free time where campers have 2 hours of Soccer,Basketball, Swimming, Archery, BB Guns, and Pranking!